Laundry Room Plumbing Updates

Laundry Room Plumbing Updates

Laundry Room Plumbing Updates - Utilitub Double bowl laundry sinkLaundry Room Plumbing

Many homeowners have old and leaking laundry facilities. After all, it’s not the first place we look to improve in our homes. Laundry Room plumbing improvements may get put off until much, much later; sometimes until the plumbing fails. Contact A Pittsburgh Plumber to address your laundry room plumbing issues.

Laundry Room Faucets

Laundry Room faucets are notorious for leaking. The gasket seals and packing nuts fail for many reasons like high pressure and poor maintenance to name a few. Central Brass has built many of the block mounted laundry faucets that were installed in old laundry rooms in Pittsburgh. Many deck mount options are now available for the new style fiberglass laundry tub type sinks. We like the Moen deck mount laundry faucet for it’s durability and finished look, but there are many options. Check Out our Laundry Room Plumbing page or give us a call at 412-341-7586 to plan your laundry room rehab.

Laundry Room Drains

Laundry Room drains are always getting clogged. Many laundry rooms have kitchens above them so the grease and food waste also helps to clog the drain when added to the washing machine byproducts like soaps and lint. Laundry room plumbing and drainage should be carefully maintained to avoid unwanted interuption of kitchen and laundry facilities.

Laundry Tub Venting

Old school and original plumbing installations often wet vented the laundry tub or standpipe for washing machine drainage connections. Many of these have failed over time due to material failure such as galvanized venting rusting through or blockages. Cast Iron piping failures are frequent as well. Another issue is that many remodelers and home improvement “specialists” fail to tie-in the venting systems properly after fixing the drainage or installing new laundry equipment and basins. Do yourself a favor, Hire a Professional.

Laundry Room Extras

We also install hose bib connections and outdoor hot and cold hose hookups for car washing and pet washing. Have your own special laundry room updates that we haven’t mentioned here? We have over 60 years in the plumbing field right here in Pittsburgh, PA so run it by us and we will make every accommodation to get your project completed.

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