How A Pittsburgh Plumber Got It’s Name

How A Pittsburgh Plumber Got It’s Name

How A Pittsburgh Plumber Got It’s Name

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Folks ask, “Why the name A Pittsburgh Plumber?” They say, “I like it. But how did you come up with that name?” As our introductory post to our Pittsburgh Plumbing Blog I wanted to share the origin of the name A Pittsburgh Plumber.

When kicking around names for our Plumbing Company, we wrote down many. Why not “The Pittsburgh Plumber?” The reasoning was, there are many highly skilled plumbers in Allegheny County and the Pittsburgh area specifically. We’d have to have egos the size of the Steel Building to name ourselves that. And so we moved on from that name.

We asked ourselves, “Does our Plumbing Mission match up with any of the names we had drawn up?” It did. A Pittsburgh Plumber matched our mission to a tee.

A Pittsburgh Plumber Mission Statement

“A Pittsburgh Plumber was founded to provide complete and professional plumbing services to every resident and business in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. We want to provide these services at a rate that is affordable to Pittsburghers’ like us. We want to have fun, make money, and sleep well at night knowing we gave all our customers our very best.”

Our Definition of Professional Plumbing Services

A Pittsburgh Plumber conforms to all the requirements of the Allegheny County Health Department. Our Registered Master Plumber files plumbing plans to protect our customers and assure them that all the work we perform is to the standards set by the Plumbing Division and the International Plumbing Code. We are fully insured and provide free estimates. We are registered with the state of PA84579.

We want the chance to prove our mission to be true. Call A Pittsburgh Plumber at 412-341-7586 for all your plumbing needs.

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