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Backflow Preventer Testing in Pittsburgh

A Pittsburgh Plumber LLC Backflow Preventer Testing Replacement Page. Backflow Testing Services for all of Pittsburgh.

Backflow Testing - (412) 341-7586

Backflow Preventer Testing

Pittsburgh Backflow Preventer Testing - A Pittsburgh Plumber

If you’ve received a letter from your water company requiring annual backflow preventer testing or requiring you to install a backflow prevention device give us a call at 412-341-7586 to schedule a backflow consultation. We also can provide you with an estimate for installation and equipment requirements analysis based on the hazard level of your facility.

What to expect from A Pittsburgh Plumber’s Backflow Testing

To conduct proper backflow testing, a temporary interruption is required in your water service. A Pittsburgh Plumber will coordinate with the site manager to assure the proper timing to shut off the water for a short period. The duration of your backflow testing will vary depending upon many factors including size of your equipment, location of your backflow device and access availability. We do our very best to be thorough and timely.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

Backflow preventers or backflow prevention devices are installed to protect the public water system from potential contamination hazards. They are installed to contain or isolate potential backflow, backsiphonage, and backpressure hazard within buildings or residences.

Cross Connections

The Environmental Protection Agency governs all aspects of drinking water in association with your water purveyor, the Allegheny County Health Department and the State of Pennsylvania.

The EPA has provided many great resources for all your questions about drinking water at http://water.epa.gov/drink/. The EPA Cross Connection Manual is the definitive resource for all your questions.

American Water has a manual on Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention at Apollo 5 hose backflow testing guagehttp://www.amwater.com/ilaw/water-quality-&-stewardship/cross-connection.html.

Watts Cross Connection 50 Questions and Answers

Call A Pittsburgh Plumber at 412-341-7586 to schedule your backflow preventer testing in Pittsburgh today.

Additional Information and Contact numbers for Backflow Testing:

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority http://www.pgh2o.com/contact-pwsa

American Water - Pennsylvania American Water Company http://www.amwater.com/paaw/

Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority http://wpjwa.com/?s=backflow

West View Water Authority http://www.westviewwater.org/index.php/customer-information/cross-connection-control-program

Hampton Shaler Water Authority http://www.hswa-pa.org/default.asp

Don't be fooled by the big box plumbing companies who charge a fortune. Call The BACKFLOW TESTING EXPERTS at A Pittsburgh Plumber for a professional Pittsburgh Backflow Hazard Evaluation and Cross Connection Analysis!

Backflow Testing - (412) 341-7586